You Offset, We Support Projects

Finding effective projects and assuring they are fulfilling their mission is our mission.

We accept carbon offsets from individuals and business who want to positively impact the world around them and we support highly effective environmental projects around the world.  At The Heartbeat, the majority of our work is identifying and monitoring the previously mentioned environmental projects to ensure your donations are being used responsibly.   The preferred projects offset the human impact in multiple ways.  This means that a tree planting project should be done in a place where there is a impact on the local habitat as well as supporting communities in third world countries that need economic assistance.

  • Project Funding
  • Oversight / Overhead

90% to the Mission

We are proud to give 90% of the funds raised to the mission of supporting environmental projects.  The remaining 10% is primarily used to ensure that we are supporting the best projects that do the most good.  We are continually evaluating the effectiveness of our current projects as well as looking for new projects that meet our mission.  When you support The Heartbeat you can be confident that we are diligently working to provide the most environmental restoration value for you dollar.

Oversight: We monitor the projects we support to ensure that the funding they received is being used as promised.   Additionally, most of the projects we pick, we pick because they have very little overhead and outperform other projects of its kind.   It is our goal to get the most leverage out of each dollar donated to The Heartbeat.

Reporting: We periodically release a report of our progress as an organization as a whole and the specific projects we support.  This transparency allows those we donate to know with certainty that these funds are being used appropriately and effectively.

If you have a project that you believe would be a good fit for our funding, please apply here.

How We Choose Projects

We strive to find only the most effective projects with a multi-level impact.

We choose efficient projects in the categories of planting, ocean clean up, habitat restoration, and wildlife protection. Our goal is to find the most efficient projects in each of these categories and sponsor their efforts directly.   We contribute 90% of the funds directly to these projects and the remaining 10% is used in support of our mission and monitor and find projects.   The preferred projects are those that impact beyond the original intent, such as tree planting.  We want to support tree planting in an area where reintroducing wildlife habitat can positively impact the surrounding habitat in need.  We also like to see our projects support local communities.   This multi-level impact helps us make a large difference with every dollar donated via offsets.