Alcohol Abuse Definition?


Alcohol abuse definition? Please cite a source from an .edu domain like Yale, Harvard, so forth.



Alcohol abuse, also known as alcohol dependency or alcoholism, is a chronic condition that happens when people cannot control their drinking. Drinking alcohol is alright in moderation, such as a glass of wine before bed, or some beer after work but keep moderation in mind when you do take a drink.

Also, drinking too much alcohol can mess up your body. It can cause problems with the liver such as inflammation of it, otherwise known as cirrhosis of the liver, which can eventually kill you. Drinking too much can also cause high blood pressure and really damage the muscles of your heart. If you decide to drink alcohol, you should weigh the risks as well as the benefits before considering it and make sure to partake in drinking it in moderation.

Alcohol abuse definition is when you drink too much alcohol.

Source: Harvard


In the United States, Alcohol abuse is the second most common form of substance abuse after tobacco addiction and it affects people differently as some people are more severely affected than others.

Alcohol abuse is also known as alcoholism and it is a chronic condition which can be defined as strong dependence on alcohol and the inability to limit the consumption. According to research, alcohol abuse is usually common in men than in women with up to 65% of alcoholics are male. Nowadays, the gender gap is closing as alcohol abuse is getting common in women especially among young alcohol users.

Source: Harvard, Yale

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