Are flight tickets refundable?


Are flight tickets refundable?


Are flight tickets refundable? Yes, on many airlines they are. For example, Southwest Airlines.

Southwest claims on their website that Business Select are refundable and changeable. Of course, some restrictions apply.

Southwest says Senior Fares are refundable. In addition, they can be applied for travel in the future on Southwest.


Whenever I book my flights, I try to look for this one point in fine print - Are flight tickets refundable? And this is important to know. Although, we are excited to find the lowest fare, it is not always one that offers a refund if you were to cancel your flight. Most airlines have different fares based on the flexibility to change and cancel your flight for a partial or full refund. Typically, the highest fare is almost always refundable. However, there are certain airlines like Alaska that refund the credit back to your account for booking a future flight. So do check before you book your next flight, You never know when you’ll need to cancel.