Are flight tickets transferable?


Are flight tickets are transferable?


It totally depends on the policy of the airline. Some airline allows the transfer of the ticket while others not. When you purchase a flight ticket, you have been provided with the information, whether your ticket is transferable in the future or not.

The airlines do not allow the name change as it stops ticket scalpers to buy ticket cheap and sell at the high price later. The airlines who allow the flight ticket transfer may ask for the small fee. In the USA, about 80% airlines do allow the ticket transfer.


Generally, flights ticket may not be easily transferred or not transferred at all. However, it depends on the airline or the carrier. It is best to understand what an airline has as its policy on ticket purchase and issuing and save yourself any unnecessary trouble. When you purchase tickets, some airlines usually have “non-transferable” or “restricted” on it. This may be different with first-class or business class tickets, depending on the airline. If you need to get your ticket transferred, get ready to pay some extra fees or to get disappointed trying.