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Mission Statement: TheHeartBeat is a 501©(3) non profit to help remind people to get cancer screening. Early cancer screening is the best way to beat cancer! If you have any signs of illness demand from your doctor to get a screening. Common ways to screened is a CT scan, colonoscopy, breast exam, biopsy, or MRI, so ask your doctor for one! It could save your life. The way TheHeartBeat keeps it doors open is unique. Many people walk for charity. We ask you to fly for charity. All profits go to advertising cancer screening awareness. Lastly, TheHeartBeat is a support group. You can ask questions and get answers about cancer. All answers are cited by scholarly sources.

When you buy airfare tickets, it goes to a reminding people to get cancer screening tests. In addition, we have a community where you can ask questions and get answers about screening and cancer.

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