Can happiness be measured?


Can happiness be measured?:heart_eyes:


Happiness in simple words is a feeling of contentment with life. The same way you cannot measure love, anger or sadness or any emotional state of mind, happiness cannot be measured. Some may argue this fact, by stating that there is a degree to which you can happy, and it is likely to vary with another person; nonetheless, what satisfies a person and gives him a feeling of contentment (or happiness) could be different with another.


Happiness is a state of mind from an individual’s perspective. One is happy when one is content with his/her surroundings and their life in it. Now, one may wonder, Can happiness be measured? While it may seem like, it’s an emotion that is just experienced but cannot be measured, I urge you to think creatively. If we can measure physical attributes, diseases, and mental health issues, then I am sure there is a way to measure happiness, at least from a standpoint of cause and effect relationship. This can help people and nations take steps to get to a state of happiness.

For example, Bhutan uses a metric of GNH (Gross National Happiness) to measure collective well-being and happiness. It’s a philosophy that guides Bhutan’s government. It’s time, we consider such initiatives to make the world a better place.