Can happiness be taught?


Can happiness be taught?

  • yes
  • no

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Can anger be taught? Can joy be taught? Can peace be taught? I guess the answer to all these questions is a vivid NO. Happiness is a product of everyday life choices we make and the decisions we ignored. Happiness like every other state of mind takes place when we see what we want happening. How do you teach a child to chuckle or make those little laughs? Were they taught? Happiness is only a state of mind that is expressed in laughter or smiles and may only be enhanced.

Cited from BERKELEY.


Probably not, just in the same way as it cannot be bottled or demonstrated on a spreadsheet. It seems to me, however, that it’s possible to recognize three scientifically credible constituents of happiness that can be shared in classes. Happiness can only be promoted in the sense that, one can encourage happiness by expressing their gratitude if caused to be happy.

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