Can you book flights for someone else?


Can you book flights for someone else?


Generally, the simple answer is, you can purchase a flight ticket for someone else. Notwithstanding, you may need to know the policy for the particular airline. Some may request a copy of the credit card used in the ticket purchase. Most importantly, when purchasing via the carrier’s website, ensure all information is entered correctly for the person whom you are buying the ticket.


Flight bookings have never been easier. It’s easy to book online and have a confirmed ticket in no time. However, I have had some people ask me, “can you book flights for someone else?”. And the answer is yes, certainly. All you need to know is their full name, date of birth for a domestic flight. For international flights, you need to know their country of citizen ship, passport number, issue and expiration dates of the passport. You may be asked a Visa number for certain countries. Make sure you know the preferences of the person you are booking for and you are ready to book. That’s exactly what travel agents do!