Cancer Fighting Foods


What are cancer fighting foods? Please reference Yale, Harvard, MIT, Columbia or any .edu domain.


Time and again, researchers and doctors talk about super foods that are cancer fighting foods. Besides, boosting the immune system and mitigating or reducing the development of cancer cells, they tend to boost your mood and overall health. Top 3 based on likability are :

  1. Blueberries/Berries - Rich in anti-oxidants, they are easily accessible and can be eaten everyday with breakfast or as a snack. They fight cancer development molecules.
  2. Broccoli - Again, rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin C, fiber and calcium, they are light and can be eaten for a meal or a snack.
  3. Walnuts - They are the kind of nuts with healthy fat that is needed by the body to absorb valuable nutrients. Add them to smoothies or snack on them, they are rich in disease fighting properties.

Source: Harvard