Causes of obesity

Information on the causes of obesity.

Causes of obesity?

Causes of obesity. What are the factors that increases the risk of obesity?


The causes of obesity are different from one people to another. Obesity does occur when someone takes in more calories that he or she needs, these calories are then stored as body fat and it then adds up over time.

Some of the factors that can increase the risk of obesity are
Genes: this plays a role in obesity but it is to a much lesser degree. The genes can increase the risk of weight gain and can also interact with other risk factors in the environment.
Prenatal and postnatal influences: it is likely for kids to grow up to become obese adults if the mother smokes or are overweight.
Unhealthy diets: foods play a major role in obesity as the foods we eat nowadays are filled with unhealthy fats and too much sugar.
Too little activity and sleep: this is a strong obesity risk factors as people eat too much while doing little things to use up the energy which then leads to storing of excess calorie in the body.
Toxic environment: the environment people lives also play a huge role in the food and activity choices to make like eating processed foods, watching TV all day long which can lead to obesity.

Source: Harvard