Diabetes and exercise


What is the relationship between diabetes and exercise


The benefits of exercise cannot be overstated as it helps to control weight, blood pressure, harmful LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, it also helps to strengthen the bones and muscles, and so on.

There are many studies which show that exercise is among the best way that can be used to ameliorate the risk of diabetes.

To ameliorate the risk of diabetes with exercise, the best time to exercise is between 1-3 hours after eating and this is when the blood sugar is likely to be higher. If you are using insulin, it is best to test your blood sugar before you do exercise and if the level is below 100mg/dl, you should eat a piece of fruit or small snack so as to boost your blood sugar and to avoid hypoglycemia.
Some experts also caution against exercising if you have blood sugar that is too high as exercise may raise the blood sugar higher.
You should also ensure you wear a medical alert bracelet which indicates that you have diabetes and take insulin if you want to exercise and also keep glucose tablets with you in case your blood sugar drops.

Source: Harvard