Does CBD oil treat colon cancer?


Does CBD oil treat colon cancer?


Does CBD oil treat colon cancer?

CBD is the acronyms of Cannabidiol and it is the second most prevalent active ingredients in cannabis. Although this is a crucial component of medical marijuana, it is derived from the hemp plant.
CBD is being used for the treatment of numerous health issues like childhood epilepsy syndromes, chronic pain problems, anxiety, insomnia and so on.

Does CBD oil treat colon cancer?
According to studies by researchers, many pediatric cancer providers have started to endorse the use of medical marijuana for children with advanced cancer but there will be a need for the product to be standardized before it can be used.

Source: Harvard, Yale


Cannabidiol or CBD oil has gained traction in recent years for addressing pain and controlling anxiety for patients undergoing painful treatments like cancer etc. It’s an ingredient of marijuana, however, as it’s directly derived from the hemp plant, does not have the intoxicating properties of marijuanna and provides the medical benefits to people who need it most. That raises the questions, does CBD oil treat colon cancer?

There has not been enough human evidence and research to validate the fact that CBD oil cures colon cancer or any cancer for that matter Besides, CBD is currently an unregulated substance and therefore the quality cannot be controlled and used to determine definitive and consistent results during trials. However, it has been successful in mitigating stress, anxiety, pain and other issues faced by patients. It is recommended to always speak to a doctor who may suggest it’s use for pain relief etc.

Source: Harvard