Does meditation cure cancer?


Does meditation cure cancer?

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Researchers reveal that meditation and yoga can magically provide power to fight with the dangerous disease. It is a cheap and effective method to cure any type of disease. Furthermore, medical research demonstrates that to some extent meditation can enable the patient to fight with cancer disease with their mind.

In addition, meditation can enhance the immune system, improve overall mental health, and quality of life. This is cited from Harvard Medical Foods that best foods to eat with colon cancer. Source: Harvard Medical


Meditation is a process where the mind and the body is engaged so as to promote calmness and physical relaxation and also for the improvement of the psychological balance. One of the best form of meditation to try out is the mindfulness which can help to reduce stress and also manage chronic pain.

Although meditation may not be able to help you cure cancer, it can help to cope with stress and illness which in turn boost your overall health and well being. Meditation is also useful to treat the side-effects of cancer treatments like chronic pain as it helps in lowering blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen consumption, breathing rate, adrenaline levels and also the levels of the stress hormone.

Source: Harvard, Yale