Foods that fight inflammation


What are foods that fight inflammation?


Because the body constantly fights against infection and resists the entrance of foreign materials, you may notice redness, feel pain, experience swelling or unexplained heat or warmth on a particular area of the body. These are merely symptoms of inflammation.
Inflammation is merely a response of the body’s immune system to harmful materials and process. It is typically experienced during wound healing. However, when inflammation persists more than usual and causes more pain, it may be time to get it treated. What is the best way to handle it than first changing what goes in–food? So, what foods can help heal severe inflammation?
Here’s a small list.

*Fatty Fish (rich in Omega-3 acids)
*Nuts (including almonds and walnuts)
*Strawberries, Cherries, oranges, and *blueberries
These foods are referred to as anti-inflammatory foods and can help reduce inflammation.

Source: Harvard