Healthy habits to embrace to avoid heart problems

Information on the healthy habits to embrace for healthy heart.

Healthy habits to embrace for healthy heart?

Healthy habits to embrace. What are the habits that causes heart disease? What are the healthy habits to embrace?


According to many research on cardiovascular disease, the five harmful habits that influence heart disease are smoking, being overweight, being inactive, drinking too much alcohol, and eating poorly. These habits can work alone or together to cause artery-damaging atherosclerosis. These habits result in heart attack, peripheral artery disease, stroke, valve problem, heart failure, and so on in the long run.

The best way to avoid heart disease is to change habits as this will help you to look and feel better. The habits that can be adopted are:
1 Quit smoking
2 Ensure you try out exercise and physical activity
3 Try to get a healthy weight
4 Eat a balanced diet
5 Stop or drink alcohol in moderation.

Source: Harvard