How are meditation and hypnosis similar


how are meditation and hypnosis similar


Although both meditation and hypnosis can lead to altered states of consciousness, there are clear and distinct differences between them.

Hypnosis seeks to achieve a deep state of hypnotic trance which allows the individual to analyze an experience more clearly as well as become more susceptive to behavioral changes. Hypnosis is always a controlled and focused process.

The purpose of meditation, on the other hand, is to empty the mind of all thoughts. In this manner, the individual can find a release from suffering and envision a deeper reality. Meditation seeks to explore the innate aspects of human consciousness.

Nevertheless, one could say that hypnosis and meditation are variations on the same theme.

Both methods are effective at what they aim to do, and both should have a place in society.


Both meditation and hypnosis are very beneficial as it helps the body to go into a deep relaxing while calming the stress of mind which helps us to get through the day in a positive, stress-free and calm way.
There are many studies that show that meditation has positive neurological effects while in the course of history, hypnosis has been used to treat patients.
Both methods can also be used to treat many medical issues like anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, chronic pains, and so on.
Meditation and hypnosis are quite similar in the way that they can be practised for example guided meditation can also be called the same thing as self-hypnosis.