I love reading. Do you guys like to read?


I love reading. Do you guys like to read? I should clarify. I like reading books. Well, not books, really, they’re more like magazines. Sort of. I guess their more pamphlets, like informational cards. Short write-ups. Descriptions. Descriptions underneath a little video. Actually, now that I think about it, I really prefer to watch the video. OK. it’s adult films. I like watching adult films.



I used to love to read actual books. You know, the type where you turn the page instead of clicking on a tablet, computer, or phone? I was a heavy reader. I read every book in my interests I could find and could sit there for hours just reading. Nowadays, I barely have the time but would love to take an hour out of my day to read a little. Your post made me want to start reading again because I really do miss it. And, no I don’t read or watch adult films, lol or magazines, or pamphlets, or informational cards, lol.


I really enjoy reading and it is a hobby that never left me. When I was a child and a teenager, I read a lot of fiction and popular novels. I would just melt into the story setting and could read for hours at a time. Gradually, I moved on to reading histories, biographies, self-help, management and great works. It’s been a truly enriching experience, reading about new places, people and gaining knowledge. It’s a way of life for me, if I’m not reading, I’m not learning anything new and that becomes boring. Yes, with the advent of Netflix and the like, TV shows have become quite informative too, but the essence of reading a painting a picture in your imagination can be paralleled by no other medium than reading.


I absolutely love reading and even though i have less time to sit down and read a physical I have been enjoying audiobooks a lot and I can’t listen to them at work or while driving.
I love fiction and the classics but now I find that, like Kanchi_R, I read more biographies and non-fiction.