Is a colonosocpy painful?


I had one. I felt nothing, and I remember nothing. I took an anti-anxiety medicine my doctor prescribed for me. I took two 1 mg pills as perscribed two hours before. I had an IV put in, and I went to sleep instantly.

It took me two years to get a coloscopy because of fear. I have colon cancer because I waited two years. For anyone who is afraid of colonoscopy, I can assure you there is zero pain. In fact the day after I felt better because they cleared some clots out.

Please find your strength. If you have anxiety speak to your doctor and get a prescription for it. According to YALE never buy prescriptions online.


The reality about colonoscopy painful or not is hidden to some patient in the United States. In the United States, the colonoscopies are done with sedation and the procedure is painless. On the other hand, after the colonoscopy, the patient can feel discomfort such as gas pains.

In addition, during the test of colonoscopy, some risks can occur such as bleeding, perforation or pain.

Besides that, different evidences have demonstrated the low risk and benefits of colonoscopy procedure, there are only two third adults eligible in the United States who have the test.

Source: Harvard


Colonoscopies are done for screening colon cancer and to ensure it is functioning without any blocks. Now, is colonoscopy painful? Certainly yes, and this deters patients for opting for it. As an instrument is taken through narrow parts of the colon, it is bound to be painful in some areas. However, medical doctors have found a way to make the overall experience less painful. It is recommended that the painless process in the end is extended further to make the entire event less painful. We often remember the last moments of an event and the pain it generated and extending these low pain intensity moments helps with a more positive experience even though the intense pain during some parts of it does not change.

Source: Stanford