Is flight insurance worth it?


Is flight insurance worth it?


Flight insurance is always offered at a minimal cost when one tries to book a flight ticket. In case of a missed flight, one is given an option to get on the flight at an alternate time/day at no additional cost. If it’s a delayed flight due to certain reasons, one is provided with compensation for the flight delay. Now, is flight insurance worth it? It depends on answering two basic questions relating to the cost of the flight and the benefits offered by flight insurance.

  1. Is it an expensive and/or long distance flight? - If its a domestic flight, airlines usually accommodate you on the next available flight and the delay compensation is the bare minimum so you can possibly save even the minimal cost to buy insurance. If it’s an international/ long distance flight, it might be worth it to be covered given the small cost compared to the cost of the flight.

  2. What benefits are covered in the insurance? - Sometimes insurance covers only medical reasons and if you think you don’t have any ongoing issues, it may not be worth it. If it has other reasons covered, weigh them against your risks. Read the fine print carefully.

At the end of the day, if it gives you peace of mind you need, by all means, it’s worth it!