Is laughter good for a healthy life?


The correlation between laughter and health


We all know that joy and happiness help us lead a healthy life. Now, more specifically, is laughter good for a healthy life?
Laughter is good for our mental health. Researchers have found that it helps release chemicals in the brain that lead to sensations of pleasure and well being. It’s not just the brain, but even our bodily functions seem to respond to laughter. The blood flow in arteries improved when groups were asked to watch a video that induced laughter. And it stayed that way for 24 hours. This is profound in that such a simple exercise can lead to better function of our mind and body.

Source: Harvard


Laughter is something that everyone enjoys and it is also an indication of happiness and pleasure worldwide. According to research when we smile, our brain releases dopamine which is a neurotransmitter which helps in producing feelings of happiness. The best thing about this neurotransmitter is that when it is released it makes us feel happy and also smiling also causes the brain to release dopamine which then makes us happy.

Some of the health benefits of laughter are
It helps to boost our memory and reduce stress.
It helps in reducing blood glucose level in type 2 diabetes just by altering the gene expression.
Laughter helps in increasing tolerance to pain.
Laughter also has positive effects on our immune system.

Source: Yale, Stanford