It's Now or Never! When Is the Best Time to Go to Vegas?


If you're trying to duck out of town for a bit or plan the vacation of a lifetime -- it doesn't get better than a trip to Vegas.

Las Vegas has a little bit of something for everyone.

Whether you're looking for exhilarating adults-only party fun, a weekend of high-level sports action, or a magical trip with shows that the whole family will love, Las Vegas is your city. But that begs the question -- when is the best time to go to Vegas?

Below we break down those variables, so you have a better idea of how to plan your trip. Read on and put these ideas into action.

1. Consider the Climate and Temperatures

First of all, let's get this out of the way -- Las Vegas can get brutally hot.

You already knew that it's a desert city, but you can't really appreciate just how hot 115 degrees feels on your skin until you experience it for yourself. Likewise, it can get really chilly at night after the sun beams for hours on end.

Vegas is loads of fun year-round, but you should always be aware of what you're going to get before you jump on a plane and make the trip. Check weather forecasts and give yourself an idea of the temperatures, in addition to any other variables related to the elements.

2. Play Around with Flight Dates

If you're flying into McCarran International Airport, you will need to look for some flight deals. Flying on Tuesdays and Thursdays can generally land you some of the cheapest rates.

It'll also behoove you to check for flight dates as far in advance as you can, as they will continuously go up the closer you get to your travel plans.

The price you pay will also depend on where you're coming from.

For instance, flying from LAX to Las Vegas is generally pain-free any time, since the flight is an hour or less, and it's not hard to find a cheap option. Meanwhile, other cities will require a few connections, which can drive up the price and make you have to plan your trip in more detail.

3. Big Fight Weekends Are Always Epic

Las Vegas and fight sports are synonymous.

Some of the most legendary boxing matches have taken place in historic venues like the MGM Grand and the Mandalay Bay Casino. Mixed Martial Arts has also become huge in recent years, bringing even more prestige and buzz to the fight capital.

The thing is, you don't need to be a fight fan or even a sports fan at all to appreciate the energy that fight weekends bring to Las Vegas. The anticipation is electric as soon as you touch down at the airport, and people fly in from all over to experience the action.

This means even more activity at night clubs and other events, which is a recipe for a time to remember.

4. Holidays Bring Fun and Festivities

The energy will also be up a few notches if you decide to hit Vegas for a holiday weekend.

There are always events and festivities for any major holiday, so be sure you look through the calendar to see which suit your fancy. Going to Las Vegas for New Year's Eve is always a good bet.

Be mindful that the rooms and flights might also be more expensive, so plan accordingly.

5. Mark Your Calendar for Special Events

Vegas is a city that is good at mixing business and pleasure. It reallt is an adult Disney World, but at the same time, plenty of industries have their most pivotal and productive events in the city.

For instance, if you've considered investing in the cannabis industry, an event like MJBizCon would be right up your alley. There are events in every industry that you can take part in.

6. Know When Hotel Prices Are Reasonable, and Always Find Deals

The months of July and August tend to have some of the most reasonable prices you'll find for Las Vegas travel.

Knowing when the deals are sweet will always allow you to cut costs and make your dollar go further once you actually get to the city. There are several sites that you can check with as well that have travel deals for either your flight or your hotel.

Make sure that you leave no stone unturned checking deals before you decide to fly out.

7. Plan Your Trip in Advance to Keep Costs Low

The main way to go about your Las Vegas trip planning is to get a huge jump on it.

If you wait until the last minute, it will bite you in most cases. When you give yourself several months to plan, you have more time to speak directly to hotels to see if they have special deals or group rates that they are not advertising.

Of course, it also gives you plenty of time to set some money aside for your trip.

The Best Time to Go to Vegas Is Always Now!

Simply put, the best time to go to Vegas is right now!

You'll have an easier time putting together the pieces to the puzzle when you follow these tips. Doing so gives you an inside track on planning out your Las Vegas travel, and allows you to save some money in the process.

Start with these points and keep doing your research.

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