Kemo or Surgery best for colon cancer


Kemo or Surgery best for most colon cancers?


There is a number of cancer treatments such as surgery, targeted therapy, radiotherapy, chemo, and immunotherapy. Treatment for colon cancer is based on different stages of cancer. Those people who have colon cancers usually have surgery as a first treatment and after surgery, they used chemo treatment.

In addition, for stages 0, I, II, and III patient often cured with surgery. On the other hand, a number of patients with stage III of colon cancer receive chemotherapy after surgery to eliminate the disease.

According to the Yale Cancer Center at Smilow, the best way to treat cancer is chemo or chemotherapy that can shrink tumors and kill cancer cells. It also helps to helps to cure the discomfort and pain with tumors effectively.

Source: Yale


There are different ways to treat colon cancer. However, one might be faced with the decision: Kemo or surgery best for colon cancer? The primary treatment for colon cancer is surgery especially if hasn’t spread to the liver and other parts. A portion of the colon is removed and this ensures that it doesn’t spread.

In some cases, a doctor might recommend a combination of surgery and radiation/chemotherapy. The location and the stage of colon cancer would determine these options.

Source: Columbia