Meditation 5 minutes


meditation 5 minutes


Meditation is one of the most achievable and easiest stress-relieving technique. As no one can see or touch the stress level in the human body, but its effect can be felt on the human body and mind. Stress has short term as well as long term effects like increased heart rate, blood pressure, overproduce of the hormone cortisol and decrease the functionality of immune and brain system.

Furthermore, meditation practice is one thousand of years old technique. Medical researchers found that meditation of 5 minutes can relieve pain, depression, and anxiety.

Besides that, it can provide spiritual power, increase creativity, and lower the blood pressure and stress level.

Source: Harvard


Meditation for 5 minutes can just do wonders, when it becomes consistent over time. We all have heard of the benefits of meditation but the real challenge is to start practicing it. The best way to start is with 5 minutes of Meditation everyday, it’s not a huge time investment and therefore, you are more likely to stick to it. I’d advise basic meditation by being guided by your breadth. Just feel the flow of breadth through your body and how you body parts respond to breadth in and out. Stay mindful and practice this everyday. If 5 minutes of meditation becomes a habit, then you can explore any hobby and any form of meditation with the same consistency and increasing time in increments.