Meditation for beginners


Meditation for beginners


Meditation for beginners can be a very simple exercise. I have been practicing it for several years now and it has helped me a lot to calm down and analyze things as they are and not obsess about them. You don’t have to learn meditation concepts and practice extensively. Meditation is all about calming one’s mind, being mindful and gaining clarity of things around you. Eventually, you’ll learn to concentrate longer and turn your awareness inwards for achieving peace, tranquility, clarity or whatever it is that gives you your purpose.

Start with 5 minutes a day - just sit down in a quiet place, free of distractions and preferably in the morning when your day hasn’t been occupied with the mundane and busy activities. Close your eyes and start with deep breathing - inhaling and exhaling, fully completing the cycle slowly, taking your time for each breath. Observe your bodily movements with each breadth. Don’t over analyze it, all you are doing is bringing awareness to how your breadth guides your body - it’s is the essence of life in us.

Once you are done with 5 minutes of that, notice how your focus was on the breadth and nothing else, That’s it. Even if you managed to focus on it for just a minute or two, that’s okay. With everyday, it will get better. At the end of each day of practice, you will realize that it can be done anytime when you need to calm down and gather some perspective about a situation, event or a conflict.