Meditation for healing


meditation for healing


We have often heard of meditation as a solution to mitigate stress and improve one’s life situation and heal. While it is a profound personal experience for many who have practiced meditation regularly, it is also backed by evidence. Researchers of John Hopkins University conducted various studies and analyzed trials before coming to a definitive conclusion.

Their findings support meditation for healing. Mindful meditation aids in overcoming psychological stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. A Harvard Medical School Assistant Professor of Psychiatry who is also a Psychiatrist provides us with an explanation of why this is so. People with anxiety are overwhelmed by distracting thoughts and cannot distinguish been thoughts that need to be addressed for problem-solving versus those that are just nagging. And mindful meditation can slowly help them separate the two kinds of thoughts and consequently improve their state of mind.

Source: Harvard


Meditation has been used by the Buddhist monks for obtaining transcendental experience on the path to their enlightenment. In recent times, meditation has been used by physicians for the treatment of disorders like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and addictions.
According to research meditation plays a major role in the clinic as it can be used on patients so as to work through frustrations and anxiety which can help them to avoid clinical depression or anxiety disorder or to use drugs and it can also be used to treat people that are already having the disorder so as to stop.

Source: Yale