Meditation music for sleep


meditation music for sleep


Stress is caused by a physical and emotional reaction to what we perceive as a threat whether it exists or not. Stress causes many health and mind problem and it needs to tackle so that you can get productive during the days. Meditation is the best way to fight this problem which can help to increase the quality of sleep that we sleep.

There are so many meditation kinds of music for sleep that you can listen to which is going to take your mind off the threat while you get a good night rest that you need.

Some of them are
Surfing Out Stress with RAIN
Sleep tips (MP3, 5:31)
Bedtime relaxation (15:21)
Body Scan Meditation

These resources can help you sleep well in the night but you should make sure that you do not listen to them while driving or doing activities that require your attention.

Source: MIT, YALE