Meditation sleep music


meditation sleep music


Researchers have found that meditation with music can help people for better sleep but it depends on the kind of music that individual like the most. In addition, different studies reveal that meditation music can work in elderly women and men and young people.

Furthermore, listening to soft music can assist the human body and mind relax that leads to better sleep.

Besides that, avoiding caffeine and following a regular sleep pattern can help to maintain a healthy life.

Source: Harvard


Meditation sleep music works wonders on those sleepless nights of just turning around in bed for hours. The reason being that, meditation music has rhythms that are designed to calms our minds. And once, the mind is calm, it’s easy to fall asleep. Most often, I have noticed that the clutter and anxiety of the next day keeps us awake. Once your mind is soothed, you are relaxed and ready to sleep.

I have tried random tracks on youtube or Buddha Lounge music to help me sleep. Even soft tracks of your choice can do the work.