Most common childhood cancer


What is the most common childhood cancer?

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Leukemia cancers are the most common childhood cancer. According to, about 30% of all cancers in children are Leukemia. These cancers are related to blood and bone marrow. Acute myelogenous and lymphocytic leukemia are most common among the children.

The symptoms of Leukemia cancers are weight loss, fatigue, joint pain, bleeding, weakness, bone pain, fever, and pale skin etc. This type of cancers can grow quickly in the children due to their weak immune system.


Although pediatric cancer is hard to think about, it is also highly treatable. According to studies over 80% of kids who have cancer survive for five years or more.

Children can have all forms of cancer in which some are more common than others to young people. The cancers can be formed when the DNA changes early in life and it may also be before birth which can then cause the cells to multiply uncontrollably. Some of the common childhood cancer is leukaemia, neuroblastomas, Wilm’s tumor, Brain and central nervous systems tumors, Lymphoma, etc.

Source: Yale