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what is skin cancer? What are the types of skin cancer? What are the ways to protect the skin against skin cancer?


Skin cancer is among the most common kind of cancer in the United States. There are different types of skin cancer, the two most common types are basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer.
Another type of skin cancer is melanoma which is not common but is quite dangerous.
Up to 70,000 Americans were diagnosed with melanoma each year and it causes 8,700 deaths.

Ways to protect against skin cancer

  • The best way to protect yourself from skin cancer is by protecting your skin from too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light.
  • You should also avoid getting sunburned because it leads to the risk of melanoma.
  • Ensure you also use sunscreen and wear protective clothing like a hat to reduce exposure to the ultraviolet light.

Source: Harvard