Risk factors of Heart Disease?

More information on risk factors of Heart diseases?

Risk factors of Heart Diseases?

Risk factors of Heart disease. What are the categories of risk factors of Heart disease? How do they affect Men?


what are the risk factors of Heart Disease
There are numerous factors that can influence the risk of having or developing heart disease. The risk factors influencing heart disease can be categorized into two and they are
Non-modifiable risk factors: These are the risk factors that you cannot change and they are age, genes, gender, and ethnic origin.
Modifiable risk factors: These are risk factors which occurs based on your habits and choices in life, for example, the use of tobacco, what you eat and drink, pollutions, stress, infection and so on.
The risk factors can affect the physiologic factors like cholesterol level, blood pressure, and blood sugar. You should note that having a risk factor does not mean you will develop heart disease but having a combination of them gives you higher odds of having them.

Source: Harvard