Shea butter vs cocoa butter


shea butter vs cocoa butter


Shea butter and cocoa butter; both have the antioxidant quality which protect skin from the external and environmental pressures that can damage your skin. In skin related products and home-based natural remedies both types of butter have been used as they both share the same qualities. The only things which make them different are the smell, dense, shelf life and usage.

Cocoa butter smells amazing because it has been extracted from beans where the Shea butter comes with no smell where it has been extracted from the nuts, hence have less dense. The shelf life of cocoa butter is about 5 years which is almost triple as compare to Shea butter. Shea butter is usually best for the acne prone skin and prevents dark sports where on other hands the cocoa butter treats the stretch marks and soothes sensitive skin.

So, its totally depends on the use of the cocoa butter and Shea butter that which one is better. Generally, the cocoa butter is more popular than Shea butter.


The difference between shea butter and cocoa butter is mainly in the texture, feel and smell. Shea butter has a dense sticky texture when it is raw with a nutty and smoky smell and absorbent feel while cocoa butter has a hard texture when it is raw with a chocolate smell and has an oily feel.

Both of these products have almost the same effect on the skin as they both soften, heal, and regenerate but shea butter also has more effect on the hair than cocoa butter is.

Cocoa butter is also good for massage products as it helps to relieve stress and support the immune system because of the presence of cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP) while Shea butter is rich in Vitamin E and A which are both essential for healthy skin and eyes as they are effective in boosting the immune system. Shea butter also contains cinnamic acid which is useful for safeguarding the skin from Ultraviolet rays damage.