The Best Colorectal Surgeons / Proctologists in United States


Please go through this list and find the highest rated doctor on yelp and WebMD. please list the top ones here.


There are number of best Colorectal Surgeons/Proctologist in the United States such as Dr. Lowell D. Meyerson, Dr. Bidhan Das, Dr. David E. Rivadeneira, Dr. John V. Flannery, Dr. Charles Headrick, Dr. Paula Hall, Dr. Allen Kamrava, Dr. Deborah S. Keller, Dr. David B. Rosenfeld, and Dr. Eric D. Duberman.

Furthermore, the main role of colonoscopy is to prevent colorectal cancer that can be done by specialists and colon surgeons.

In addition, colon and rectal surgery deals to diagnose and treat different diseases related with a colon, intestinal tract, anal canal, perianal area, and rectum.

Source: RateMDs