Travel on a Budget


Give your tips and tricks to travel on a budget. No sources needed.


Some of the best things I can recommend to travel on a budget are:
Traveling in the off-season, I live in the south now but it makes a big difference traveling to New York in the summer versus in the winter.
Bringing an empty water bottle with you to fill once you’re in the airport and have passed security. They always have water fountains there, why pay for a $5 bottle of water?
Staying with someone you know saves a lot in lodging and accommodation costs and gives your friends the opportunity to stay with you and visit your city.
Plus, staying with locals allows you to see the best parts or areas unknown to tourists and avoid tourist traps.


The best tips that I have gathered over the years to travel on a budget:

  • Be flexible about flight timings: You get great deals through price bidding on priceline and the like.
  • Travel during non-peak season: You avoid the crowds and get cheaper flights and hotels
  • Live in hostels: Europe has plenty or use Airbnb to stay with local people with sharing options
  • Take snacks/simple food along: Very handy and you can save a lot on expensive food at tourist places
  • Use public transport: A little bit of planning and waiting can save you a lot. Google maps can help with knowing routes or a physical map.
  • Prioritize: Finally, prioritize places. You want to experience culture, not just expensive vanity Instagram worth places.