Types of meditation


Types of meditation


Stress has effects on your mind and body as it quickens the heart rate and breathing and can also increase the blood pressure. Stress has been contributing to a number of health problems like headaches, depression, anxiety, heart disease, and so on.
One of the best and easiest way that you can relieve stress is through meditation. This is where you will focus your attention inward so as to induce a state of deep relaxation. According to research meditation is thought to work on the sympathetic nervous system and it has other functions like boosting creativity, connection to inner self, spiritual purpose and so on.
Some of the types of meditation that you can try are concentration meditation, mindfulness meditation, heart-centred meditation, Tai chi and qigong, walking meditation, and transcendental meditation.

Source: Harvard


There are several different types of meditation. No one method is recommended over the other. It depends on one’s lifestyle and what one aims to achieve. Broadly speaking, the 6 types of meditation are:

  • Breathing meditation – focusing your attention on the breadth and its flow through your body
  • Mindful meditation – Being aware of bodily sensations and surrounding and observing without judgment
    -Transcendental meditation – Allowing your mind to float, let thoughts in and out and gently push them aside and experience flow
  • Focussed meditation – Focusing attention on an object to observe it’s shape, texture to gain perspective.
  • Movement meditation – Meditation guided through yoga, tai chi etc. to blend body and mind.
  • Mantra meditation – Chanting a mantra or word to brighten one’s consciousness.

Source: Better Health Channel