Ways to check for Skin cancer


What are the ways to check for skin cancer


Although the best way to protect the skin against skin cancer is to use sunscreen, wear hats and long-sleeve shirts, and also stay in the shade whenever possible. You can check for signs of skin cancer by yourself from head to toe by standing in front of a mirror with plenty of light. Some of the places to check are

  • Look at your face, neck, ears, and scalp
  • Look at the front and the back of your body in the mirror, you can then check your right and left side by raising your arms. You can then look at your fingernails, forearms, and palms for signs.
  • Look at the back, front, and sides of your legs, then check your buttocks and genital area.
  • Sit and then check your feet which includes your toenails, spaces between your toes, and soles of your feet.

Source: Harvard