What are first class flights like?


What are first class flights like?


This is the apex of air travel and this is usually reserved for celebrities, super rich or if you are super lucky. You are going to experience one of its kind experience in first class with lots of luxury amenities just for your comfort. You are going to be treated like royalty with lots of highly trained crew always at your call and to answer all your need. You will also get to eat mouthwatering and top notch food, you will also find the space that you need while on the flight which is quite amazing.


Everyone would like the best comfort for travel. Especially, when they are long haul flights, traveling business or first class can be exhilarating. So, what are first class flights like?

First class flights are simply luxurious and have all the comforts one can ask for while traveling. A few that I value the most:

  • Full recliner lounge seaters
  • Great food and service
  • Very few passengers
  • Priority in boarding and all other in-flight services
  • Very comfortable bedding