What are the cheapest airlines?


Spirit is often recognized as a low cost airline. The first time I heard of Spirit Airlines is when a standup comedian made jokes about how cheap the experience was.

Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, Allegiant Air, and Sun Country Airlines are other commonly recognized low cost airlines.


We are all familiar with that smile that shows up when we get a discount. Imagine boarding a $100 flight for $80 or less. Even if a percentage discount does not make you smile, it does add some extra cash to your pocket. Knowing the air carriers with a cheaper ticket with the same excellent service could be the reason you’d want to fly on your next trip. So, in America what airlines cut down ticket costs and help the average American save a little cash? Here’s a list of the five cheapest air carriers in America.

  • Virgin America – this San Francisco based flyer, offers its passengers the opportunity of flying with cut-down ticket prices a memorable service. What’s more? You get to experience great onboard wifi connectivity.
  • Jet-blue airways – is a wallet-friendly air carrier and the choice of most Americans when it comes to holiday jaunts or coast-to-coast flying.
  • Other cheap carriers are Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Frontier airlines.