What can you do for dry skin?


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Have you ever wondered what you can do for dry skin?
Thankfully there are many remedies and ways to manage dry skin. Issues relating to dry skin tend to spike in the winter months. Try some of these suggestions for dry skin from Harvard Health Publishing:

  • it will be hard to resist, but don’t scratch your skin. Apply a moisturizer instead to control the itch.

  • a rather common skin irritation comes from the use of scented laundry detergent and fabric softeners. Look for a fragrance-free detergent and stop using fabric softeners all together.

  • be careful of the fiber content of your clothing, clothes made of wool and other scratchy fibers can add to skin irritiation.

  • when you’ve finished washing your hands and or bathing, it is best to apply a lotion or moisturizer immediately.

  • buy a humidifier for your home and keeping it at a level of 60% should

  • unfortunately those long hot showers are damaging to your skin, refrain from using hot water and shorten the time of your showers between 5-10 minutes.

  • instead of your regular bar which may contain perfumes and or alcohols, switch to a moisturizing or soap-free body wash. Common brands include Dove and Olay.

  • to avoid additional damage, refrain from using abrasive body cloths, lufahs, and or scrub brushes. If you can’t bathe without them, instead pat your skin instead of rubbing.

Your skin will feel the results and you will feel the relief of these easy and simple tips to help you figure out what you can do for dry skin.
Source: Harvard Health Publishing