What chocolate is good for you?


What chocolate is good for you?


Another way to ask this question would be ‘what chocolate is HEALTHY for you?’ Dark chocolate is now considered the best alternative for persons concerned with their health. So, in a general sense, dark chocolate is the best. Some healthy brands you may like to consider are;
Pascha, Alter Eco, Taza, Green and Blacks, Lindt, Theo, Pure7 and others. You can get some of these in a local sweet shop.


Everyone enjoy chocolate, some more than others. While children are often asked to keep away chocolate, studies have shown that not all chocolate consumption is bad. Then, what chocolate is good for you?

Dark chocolate and cocoa have substances called flavanols which actually improve the brain function. Flavanols have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which and dark chocolate is a great way to get those into your body. Although excessive dark chocolate consumption is not recommended, a square or two of dark chocolate or cocoa consumption often will help boost your brain function. All good brands have 70-90% dark chocolate or dark chocolate infused with nuts and berries.

Source: Harvard