What is the best place to travel in October?


What is the best place to travel in October?


October is the time when the family goes on a family trip just to escape from the approach of winter and it is a magnificent time to travel to the northern or southern hemisphere as they begin to go into autumn and spring season. You can go to Nashville to enjoy live music or go to New England to have classic treats. You can also go to Europe as you will get to experience landmarks at a moderate pace than in peak tourist season. You can visit countries like Prague or just go to Hawaii. You can also explore Bali or Nepal for a mesmerizing experience.


October is, in general, a great month to travel, because it’s low season and even though it is getting colder in some European countries, it’s still mild enough to enjoy sightseeing. Also, in northern and central Europe, Autumn is beginning which paints the trees in beautiful autumn colors! I think the following are the best European destinations In October: Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Nigeria, South-Africa being an African country. So all these countries are the best place to travel in the 10th month of the year.


All tropical places with warm or humid climates are best to travel to in the month of October. As the winter winds start blowing, it makes the climate more amenable than the summer months in those places, which may be unbearable with the heat and humidity combined.

Any South Asian and South American countries are good places to travel to. Bali, Thailand, Goa, Mexico and several others in that region. Also, Europe would be a great option if you are a Beer lover. Head to the Oktoberfest in Germany to get a feel for the culture and spirit of beer. Even if you not a beer person, this season has lots of tourists which is a great time for events to attend to.