What is the definition of a smart home?


What is the definition of a smart home?


Smart Homes grant their owners unheard-of levels of convenience and comfort. A Smart Home is that which mixes intelligent design, sustainability, and the systematic integration of programmable functions to give owners an increased sense of autonomy. In other words, Smart Homes allow its residents to control and automate essential tasks through the use of personal computers and other Smart devices. For example, a Smart Home allows its owners to unlock the doors remotely by checking doorbell cameras linked to digital video systems, control the lights through Smartphone apps while driving home from work, and even open garages with proximity-activated garage door openers that have been linked to their vehicles.


A smart home is a convenient home setup in which all the appliances and the devices in the house can be automatically controlled remotely from any internet-connected place in the world with the use of mobile phones or other networked devices. This help to provide secure access to the home and also to control the appliance like home theatre, thermostat, lighting, door locks, cameras, and so on.

Smart homes can feature systems that are hardwired or wireless and the wireless option is cost-friendly and easier to install than the hardwired option.
Smart home appliances also come with self-learning skills which means they can learn the homeowner’s schedules and also adjust to its when needed.