What is the Pegan Diet


What is the Pegan Diet?


Today, there are several diets that have dedicated loyalists who vouch for their effectiveness. Pegan diet is one such trend that is catching up. Do you know what is the Pegan Diet? It’s a diet that combines the strengths and commonalities of Vegan and Paleo diets.

Vegan diet includes all food except animal flesh and all products derived from animals. A Paelo diet on the other hand is one that was followed by hunter gatherers - fresh whole food that is not processed and includes meat, vegetables and fruits etc. The Pegan diet picks the underlying theme, which is to consume a lot of fresh, whole foods and limit intake of processed foods like diary and the like. Although meat exists in a Paleo diet, a Pegan diet asks for it to be treated as a secondary preference. The point of a Pegan diet is to maintain a healthy diet, filled with fruits, vegetables and natural foods that can make our bodies healthy.


Pegan diet is a leaner version of the Paleo diet as it lays more emphasis on vegetables. Pegan diet is a combination of paleo and vegan diets with more focus on whole, fresh and sustainable foods like vegetables and healthy fats with the inclusion of meat and animals products.
The benefits of a pegan diet are weight loss, healthier heart, decreased inflammation, decreased the risk of chronic illness and disease.

To try out Pegan Diet, the principles of the diet are:
Eat vegetables and fruit
Choose organic foods
Eat high-quality good fats
Eat enough protein
Ensure to keep the Glycemic load low
Eat real foods not the processed ones
Avoid dairy
Shops for fresh foods.