What's the best time to exercise?


What’s the best time to exercise?

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Human beings are cyclic creatures, meaning we have cycles for many things. For example, we have a sleep cycle, a hormonal cycle, and physical performance is no exception. The biological rhythms that control our bodies, such as core temperature, blood pressure and metabolic rate, directly influence the way we react to physical activity. These cycles are significant to exercise because we all experience “peaks” of performance during the day.

For example, the early morning is the most appropriate time for low-intensity, aerobic exercises such as the ones that target flexibility and aerobic resistance; which means that if you are a runner or a cyclist, the morning is the best time to exercise.

High-intensity, short duration exercises such as weightlifting and resistance training are best performed from the mid-morning to the mid-afternoon; this is because Testosterone levels increase markedly during these times. If you are looking to improve your strength or build muscle, the afternoon is probably the best time.

For most people, however, there is no wrong time to exercise. If you have a busy schedule and limited time to work out, don’t worry too much and exercise when you can.

Source: Harvard


We all are aware of the fact that exercise is imperative to a healthy body and mind. But have you ever wondered, what;s the best time to exercise? You may have mostly heard of successful people exercise early in the morning before taking on the day. It is certainly a good time as exercise releases endorphins that fuel the mind and energize the mind and body for the day. However, health promotion specialists at Columbia University also suggest exercise at a time that’s convenient for one. Exercising in the afternoon can be a stress reliever for many and a good break from work. And working out later can be good too as muscles are fueled by some meals and the body is more flexible than in he morning. Therefore, there is no right time to exercise, it’s when you can and want to.

Source: Columbia