When should you get cancer screening?


I just found out I have colon cancer. I went to have a colonoscopy today. When I woke up I felt like I was in a twilight dream. One of the doctors said, “You have cancer.”

When they told me at 12:300 pm January 8th I realized what a fool I was. The colonoscopy I don’t remember even a second of it. I was afraid to get one. I postponed a colonoscopy for almost 2 years.

The point of the store is. If your body and bowel movements are no functioning property, have a colonoscopy. They are 100% painless, and you won’t even remember the entire procedure.


The prominent cancer organization has different guidelines for cancer screening. The USPSTF suggests that every woman who is between 50 and 74 years then she should get a mammogram each year. On the other hand, ACS suggest that every woman who is between 45 to 54 years then she should get mammograms yearly.

In addition, the USPSTF recommendation is against the routine PSA testing for all men. The ACS recommends that every man who is 50 or above need to make a decision of screening.

Besides that, cancer screening can help men and women to know the uncertainties and risks after getting the benefits of cancer screening.

Source: Harvard