Who are the top 3 best rated Oncologist in Riverside?


Who are the best rated Oncologist in Los Angeles? If you were to combine the reviews from Yelp, Vitals, and HealthGrade? Please find the answer.


Who are the top 3 best Oncologists in Riverside, Los Angeles?

I did a little research on Yelp based on the number of reviews and top reviews, the 3 best oncologists are:

  1. Dr. Nassir Youram - He has about 35 top rated reviews since 2013 which makes him a credible oncologist
  2. Beverly Hills Medical Center - They are a couple of oncologists who have 32 top rated reviews.
  3. Surgery Group of Los Angeles - A group of oncologists and surgeons, they have just as many top rated reviews as the above.

Healthgrade has a different list, so it’s certainly worth vetting out both sets to find the right one for you. According to the number of 5-star reviews, the best oncologists in the Los Angeles area are:

  1. Dr. Rene Sotelo - With 25 top reviews, he seems to be a well-rated oncologist
  2. Dr. Tanya Dorff - Rated well for patient satisfaction
  3. Dr. Mojtaba Akhtari - Rated well with 10 reviews

Sources: Yelp, Healthgrade