Why chemo before surgery?


Why chemo before surgery?


Cancer is caused when mutations occur in the DNA within the cells in our body and then the cells will then divide and replicate. The major problem with cancer is that they multiply quickly.
The lives of patients can be prolonged with numerous treatments that are available now. Some of the cancer treatments are radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, or the combination of some of these treatments.

Why chemo before surgery?
Chemotherapy is among the best way to treat cancer as drugs is going to be used to kill the cancer cells or to prevent them from multiplying and surgery can then be used to remove the remaining tumours. Another function of chemotherapy is that it makes other treatments more effective.

Source: Yale


Cancer can be treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy and/or surgery. Sometimes treatments are combined for the best results. You may want to know why doctors may suggest chemo before surgery. The main reasons for that is to do one of the following:

  • To minimize the size of the cancer/tumor
  • To aid in further treatments efforts

In some circumstances, chemo maybe used after surgery to address any recurring cell growth or remaining cells that chemo can target.

Source: National Cancer Institute