Why does a Keto diet mitigate cancer?


Why does a Keto diet mitigate cancer?

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This is a diet which causes the body to release ketones into the bloodstream instead of blood sugar. This will help to reduce the circulation of blood sugar from carbohydrates food and the stored fat will then be broken down in the body to generate energy.
This shows a ketogenic diet is rich in fats and proteins and the foods in the diet are meats, processed meats, eggs, cheeses, nuts, fish, fibrous vegetables, oils, etc.

Why does a Keto diet migrate cancer?
According to a study, it was discovered that cancer cells will be able to replicate using the energy produced from glucose fermentation than the one from cellular respiration. Keto diet can then help migrate cancer from the body by starving the cancer of glucose sugar derived from carbohydrates as your body will be in ketosis.

Source: Harvard, truth about cancer