Why is happiness important?


Why is happiness important?


Happiness appears to be the most fleeting feeling of all. Most of us spend our entire lives, not to mention excessive amounts of money, sweat, blood, and tears, trying to be happy. Why is happiness so important? Well, happiness fundamentally changes the way we react to the world and the experiences within it. As happy individuals, we are far more likely to practice compassion, empathy, gratitude, forgiveness, and selflessness. Even if we can only ever be happy for a short while before something ruins it, we should always strive to find it.


Happiness is crucial to us as a human being and the quality of our lives can also be determined by our emotions. Most of all the things that human does in the world are mainly to get the ultimate price which is happiness. Since human beings are social animals which means we will have partners, families, friends and work colleagues that we will have interaction with every day and when you are happy, you are likely to transfer it to them also.
Most of the bad things that happen in the world today like terrorism, war, killing, and so on are mainly due to unhappiness and perceived injustice about their beliefs.


Every positive quote asks us to be happy and joyful. But why is happiness important? Well, the reason is because it costs nothing to be happy and we all have a lot to benefit from it. Without going into any scientific reasons, think about the last time you were happy. Weren’t you satisfied with your life at that very moment? I’m sure you didn’t think about your troubles at work or the daily chores, you were just in the moment and happy. Happiness is just a state of mind, nothing more. You don’t need a perfect life situation, just a mindset. Once you have this, you are able to life a rich life - a full life. So happiness simply makes our life worth living.